January 30, 2012

Bath Time

I just really liked these pictures we took of him after he got out of bath. Thanks for the cute towel Garrett & Christine.

Lincoln likes to Cuddle

Our little guy certainly likes to cuddle with everyone. He has a tendency to make that person fall asleep too... 

...especially Paul.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day at the Peterson house we had a fun time just taking photos of Lincoln. We had a hoot just dressing him up in his elf-like clothes. Only the first picture even really looks like him anymore... he changes so much every day. 


When Lincoln was born, not only did he have a HUMONGOUS cone head, but he was a little yellow. We had to get him checked every day to see what his bilirubin levels were. Eventually on Christmas, his levels were so high he had to have phototherapy. He had to stay under the lights as much as possible for two whole days. We were only suppose to take him out to feed him, change him and calm him down if he was crying. I think that he looks super cute with the glasses.