November 07, 2013


This year we had the idea to be a family costume of a Family S'more. Paul and I would be graham crackers, Lincoln would be the chocolate and Russell would be the marshmallow. We procrastinated though and Lincoln just ended up being a piece of chocolate. He was super cute though. 
We did all of our Trick-or-Treating at the ward Trunk-or-Treat. We figured that if we gave Lincoln a piece of candy, he would be motivated to go get more. It didn't really work. He just walked around eating his box of nerds the whole time and had no clue what was going on. Once He finished it though, he started to realize what was going into his little pumpkin. 

 Lincoln with his lady friend Marlee(cinderella). He is wearing a dog costume and eating pretzels with Marlee. It is the only way we could get him to sit still.

November 06, 2013

Lincoln and Russell: Best Friends

Lincoln just LOVES Russell. It is really cute to see all the funny things he tries to do with him. He likes to dance with him, snuggle him and grab his ears. My personal favorite is when Lincoln lies on Russell's lap and he waits for Russell to tickle him. Russell grabs his neck and face and Lincoln just loves it. He rolls around laughing and giggling. They are super cute together. 
Russell loves Lincoln too. Despite all the pain Lincoln causes him, he still smiles anytime he recognizes his face in front of him. They are such good friends already. 

 Lincoln likes to help Russell learn to suck his thumb. 

 Lincoln is smiling

 Sharing his milk with Russell (probably because we always tell him that Russell only eats milk)

Just like Daddy, Lincoln loves holding ears

General Conference

          Being on our own, we had to uphold the Peterson Family Tradition of DELICIOUS food for General Conference. 
 Stuffed French Toast and French Toast with Sauce

 Lincoln approved of the french toast sauce