September 05, 2010

Tour Time

Super Savvy Saturday

We spent most of Saturday organize our little empire located in Wymount Terrence. We found a nice desk and sweet rolling chair at a garage sell, and then thanks to the help of Andrew and Mariana we were able to transport it back to our apartment.

So one of my old roommates gave Paul a free bike, with the warning that the bike tire was flat. So we finally decided to put a new tire on Saturday. From what little I remembered about the procedure, I didn’t recall it being so difficult as we made it. We got the tube out, and then proceeded to push the new tube under the ‘in place’ outer tire. We used a screw driver to help push the tube in. After about an hour, Paul was diligent enough to get it in. We pumped it up, and it was flat. Then we realized then that it probably wasn’t smart to poke a soft plastic air-tight tube with a sharp object.

When Andrew & Mariana came over, we asked them if they knew how to put a new tube in(luckily we bought two). After three minutes, we were ready for our bike ride.

It was dark at this point, and we were pumped about our bike ride. We started for a store to buy a can-opener, although we were enjoying visiting with the neighbors. Being the avid BYU fans we are, we had no CLUE that there was a home BYU football game that got done right when we were ready to leave. Lucky for us, we live very close to the stadium, so our short trip to the store, ended up being over an hour. But the happy note is, we HAVE a can-opener.

Date Night

Tonight we had fun over at Andrew and Mariana’s. We ate dinner together then split up to go play racquetball while they played tennis. Melissa beat me 2-0. We bought our own rackets!!!

After the games we met back at their place to join our skills together to make a bucket load of popcorn. Then in the traditional Thiriot way smuggled all the popcorn in to the dollar theatre. We watched the “new” Karate Kid. We thought it was pretty good and funny, 3 ½ stars. Then…as we were getting into the car to go home we were attacked by several hundred ninjas. Luckily I had been paying attention to the movie very very closely. I attacked without warning…several died…many were wounded…including Melissa…

But really… I was just imitating a spinning attack from the movie and hit her in the face…IT WAS REALLY DARK!!! Anyhow, thanks to her quick healing abilities she has no visible markings.


SO… the one thing we don’t have in our apartment is a can-opener. I’m not sure many have pondered over the vast importance of such a tool, but let me tell ya… it’s important! Although, the lack of such an all-powerful instrument has pushed us to say hello to our next door neighbors… about 7 times J. They’re really nice by the way.

Back to Real Life

We are in our apartment!!! It was quite the experience moving in the day school started, but thanks to awesome friends and family… it worked. We then had to go on a shopping spree in order to stock our tornado struck apartment, and somehow managed to get almost everything, except a can opener (too bad half our food is in cans :D)

School has been going great for both of us after we had to rearrange a little bit due to not having proper prerequisites. Paul is now in two physics classes, linear algebra and chemistry. Thankfully our spare time is correlated so we get to see each other a lot of the day. If anyone needs to get a hold of us or needs a favor, we are both done by 11am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And now that I have officially quit lacrosse, I feel like I have all the time in the world (not really because my responsibility and to do list seems to have more than doubled since getting married).

Married life is awesome and I am so happy to be married to my best friend. We currently enjoy using our new whirly-pop and enjoying Avatar: the Last Air bender. We are also listening to the audio books of Harry Potter diligently because I agreed with Paul I wouldn’t see the movie( 7th both parts) till he had read the books(or listened to them). So we started and now Paul is almost as big a fan of Harry Potter as I am. I just hope we can listen to them all by the time November rolls around….I’m really hopeful :D