May 05, 2011

Zion National Park

Between Winter and Spring Semesters Paul and I decided to take a quick trip to Zion.

The first night we got there we just had to hope that we could find a campsite, since the only place we could reserve was an extra hour long drive. Luckily for us, on the second time we checked, someone had cancelled their reservation on Zion's Watchman Campground.

It was so windy our tent almost blew away. We had to lift it back onto the tarp a couple times before we got the stakes in.

Paul really wanted to have 'Hobo Dinners' while we were there...this is the result.

Yes we did eat it. Surprisingly, it didn't taste that bad if you avoided the charred remains.

These deathly switchbacks were on the way up to Angel's Landing.
Climbing up the side of Angel's Landing.

The path up to Angel's Landing, so called because a minister said that only an angel could reach the top.


Chilling at the top.
At the top of the climb we had lunch. There were a lot of chipmunks up there, and despite all the signs saying to not feed the animals, it was pretty apparent that they had been and were not at all afraid of humans. Paul finished his apple and put the core on the ground by his feet. A chipmunk came up and started nibbling on it. Then it picked up the whole thing that was about half the size of its body and jumped off the cliff edge.

My Favorite: Switchbacks

This is my last picture with my BYU Lacrosse hat. I didn't want my neck to be burned, so I was wearing it backwards. We were going on some switchbacks when a random gust of wind (that lasted approximately 2 seconds) blew my hat off my head and over the edge of the cliff without even touching the ground. We ran back down to below to find it on the switchbacks but it was GONE!!!! We never saw the hat again. 

How I feel without my hat

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May 04, 2011

Our Life :D

This is what Paul and I have been up to lately:
We are making some head-way on our dresser.
And we went snowboarding!!!! It was Paul's first time EVER and he was surprisingly good. He did not even fall off of the ski lift when getting off.

The Conquering Hero

 Paul's binding completely came off his board so he had to ride down the board like a sled.
Paul fixing the board.

Paul rocking at carving

Floral Design

I have been in floral design this semester and it has been so much fun!!! The other pictures of my other designs seem to have been deleted :(

Japanese floral arrangement
We got extra credit if we had a Japanese style dinner to go along thematically with the flower arrangement. Good excuse to wear my Chinese dress since most people can't tell the difference ;)

Token bouquet