November 22, 2010

November Nuances

I forgot to post this....I wrote it November 5th.
Well, last night Paul + Aaron and Jenni and I had our first games. Paul's game was pretty intense. They lost the first game by a about two points (it is hard to tell from watching since you can't see everything). The next game they won 15-7ish. The last game to 11 was WAY intense(I am happy I didn't know they actual score because I was already feeling sick to my stomach). The score was up 8-5 when Paul + Aaron had an awesome comeback that saved them. They ended up winning best 2/3 so they will move on in the bracket.
The best thing I can say about my game was....we left happy. The boys we played were a little surprised(and probably relieved) that they only had to play girls. Compared to Paul though... they were not very good. Doubles is a LOT different from singles though, and that might have made the difference. I had some pretty AMAZING kill shots, that are completely attributable to luck (and I am not modest, it is true). After we lost 15-1 the first game, I could see the vision of our intramural championship t-shirts going down the drain. We did a lot better the second match, losing only 15-10 (thanks to a serve they could never return). So we lost, but if we don't lose again, we will take the championship. Only three games to win!!!

We could not be more excited to see Jamie, Brock, and Crew (and Karma) during Thanksgiving. We are also not upset at all that swimsuits will need to be packed, even though the weather here is surprisingly nice for November. We are driving down with my parents, so that means we get to watch movies on the way down :D.
Paul and I are getting closer to finishing Harry Potter. We past chapter 24, so we have already covered what is on the first movie (according to rumor). Paul's hair is getting longer, so it will be nice and shaggy for when he gets to be Ron. I am not going with the movie version of Hermione whose hair is not even shaggy at all. I am just going to do mine nice and big for the movie.

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