May 04, 2011

Floral Design

I have been in floral design this semester and it has been so much fun!!! The other pictures of my other designs seem to have been deleted :(

Japanese floral arrangement
We got extra credit if we had a Japanese style dinner to go along thematically with the flower arrangement. Good excuse to wear my Chinese dress since most people can't tell the difference ;)

Token bouquet


  1. So beautiful! And what a fun way to have flowers on your table all the time. Way to go on getting extra credit for the Japanese theme. All the arrangements are so pretty but I also have to say I love the blue swirly vase with the swirly flowers...hope you get to keep that one!

  2. We do get to keep that vase. Paul bought that for me the night we got engaged. It has been sitting around not getting used because although it is awesome, it is SUPER hard to get any flowers to look good in it due to its size. So I am happy it is being put to good use now (and forever).