December 25, 2011

Lincoln Paul Thiriot

Our Little Christmas Surprise

So Lincoln decided he didn't want to miss Christmas and subsequently came three weeks early. Even though he came so early he still weighted 8 lbs 2 oz. I started having contractions at 12am Monday, we went to the hospital at 6am but got sent home. We went back to the hospital at 5pm that night and were admitted.

Lincoln was born on Tuesday December 20, 2011 at 2:55am. He was and is the cutest little baby boy in the world!!! Melissa and baby are doing great despite the new sleeping schedule that me and Melissa are adjusting to. We are spending the Christmas holiday at the Peterson home this year and have greatly enjoyed having Melissa's family around during Lincoln's birth. 

*This post is unfinished and will continue to receive updates as fast as i can do them.

Our new little family

Very happy Dad
Amazing Mom

Kristin Peterson & Lincoln
David Peterson & Lincoln
Happy family
Melissa's parents & Lincoln
Andrew and Mariana Thiriot & Lincoln
Frist time in his car seat
Ready to go home
"We're free!"