May 09, 2013

New Home

We are in our new temporary home and loving it. It is a party all the time here. Paul's older sister and her family has been living at the house too along with 3 other siblings. So in relation to us (not Lincoln), there is one Grandpa, 2 parents, 4 siblings(and a spouse), (us=3), and 4 nieces, making 15 people under one roof.
Paul started driving Monday after the house we loaded with the moving van, towing our car. They stopped in CO to visit some old family friends the first night and then stayed up all the next night to get to VA by Wednesday.
I took the red-eye flight with Lincoln, who thankfully did amazing. He slept the whole first 4 hour flight so I got some sleep then. We had a 2 hour layover in NC. During the next flight, I recall us both being awake to taxi on the plane, and then I woke up with Lincoln asleep next to me when we took off. We must have both been exhausted.

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