July 20, 2013

Russell Jay Thiriot

Russell Jay Thiriot
Born 4:59 pm 06/27/2013
9 lbs 2 oz. 21 inches long

The birth took place at Nova Natural Birth Center. It was a water birth and everything went well. 
Melissa and baby are doing great. We all went home later the same day. 

Paul and I attended Hypnobirthing. It is a methodology and a belief that if the body is relaxed, and not in a flight or flight mode, birthing can take place with no pain. Well I add my experience to the millions of others that it does work. 

Labor Story: 
At 37 weeks and 1 day I had a midwife appointment. I was dilated to a 4 and 90% effaced. She recommended that I not wait too long before coming in if labor started. Well on the way home I started having contractions. We decided to head back. We ordered chinese takeout and watched Dan in Real Life to pass the time. We walked around the building a few times and caught lightening bugs. Around 11 I decided I was getting a good nights sleep before having this baby and we all went to sleep at the birthing center. The next morning we walked over to a deli and ordered breakfast. 

The midwife, Kelly, checked me and I had only dilated to a 5. So around 10 we started a labor starting routine of herbs and things like walking, belly rub and such. Two hours later I was in more active labor(noon). I walked around the room relaxing and squatting a lot. At around 4 I was checked and I was at a 9 and basically 100% effaced. We decided to break my water. After they broke my water, things got intense. I managed to get in the tub before I hit transition (thankfully). Transition was the scariest part because instead of throwing up like last time, I freaked out.(the adrenaline rush of transition can cause different retains). So this time for me I started thinking, " What in the world am I doing?" "This is the stupidest thing I have ever done" "Why did I want to do this?" and had a general sense of panic. Thankfully  that passed after a little bit thanks to my two Hypnobirthing specialists, Paul and Diana (my sister-in-law who has had 3 babies naturally using Hypnobirthing who was kind enough to by my unofficial Hypnobirthing doula.) Then came the 'breathing down' part. It went really well and I really didn't feel like it was very straining on my body at all. I couldn't even tell when Russell's head came out. His shoulders got stuck a bit but a few 'pushes' later and he was out. 

I have had a lot of mixed feelings. After preparing so much and spending a lot of time teaching myself to relax, it seemed almost anticlimatic how easy birth was. So I suppose that all the practicing paid off. 
I always looked at people who birthed natually with a sense of admiration. So I  thought that I would feel some awesome feeling of "YEAH, I just birthed naturally!" but that never really came; which to be honest was a little disappointing. However, it is probably better for my pride that it didn't. 

All in all, I am incredibly happy with my decision. Birth is a NATURAL body process and I am glad that I was able to have a relaxing, comfortable, un-rushed birth where everyone was so loving, encouraging, kind, and not determined for me to give birth on their time table. I am really happy about how things turned out and wouldn't change a thing. 

This is the face you make when you find out your kid weighs 9 lbs 2 oz. 

Grandma and Grandpa Thiriot teaching Lincoln about babies in the waiting room

Kelly the Midwife


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Loved them. I'm so glad that we were able to be here when Russell was born. Congrats guys!

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Love you guys.

  3. Doula slash photographer...I love all the pictures! Diana should go into business! I'm so glad your memories of it all are happy! Congrats!

  4. yeah! Diana, you SHOULD go into business! The idea to do black and white is AWESOME!