September 05, 2010

Date Night

Tonight we had fun over at Andrew and Mariana’s. We ate dinner together then split up to go play racquetball while they played tennis. Melissa beat me 2-0. We bought our own rackets!!!

After the games we met back at their place to join our skills together to make a bucket load of popcorn. Then in the traditional Thiriot way smuggled all the popcorn in to the dollar theatre. We watched the “new” Karate Kid. We thought it was pretty good and funny, 3 ½ stars. Then…as we were getting into the car to go home we were attacked by several hundred ninjas. Luckily I had been paying attention to the movie very very closely. I attacked without warning…several died…many were wounded…including Melissa…

But really… I was just imitating a spinning attack from the movie and hit her in the face…IT WAS REALLY DARK!!! Anyhow, thanks to her quick healing abilities she has no visible markings.


  1. Good thing you don't have to impress your date anymore Paul!

    Make sure you teach Melissa how to make popcorn the JaNae-way (it's definitely the best butter but use olive oil + sea salt and it tastes like it has butter! Wahlah!)

  2. Paul, you're not supposed to be beating up on your wife. Didn't you learn that in marriage prep? It's not so good for the relationship.

  3. Did you use the ski jacket approach, the "What in the world could that be?!" misdirection, or the Plant-it-on-Andrew-he's-too-innocent-to-be-searched routine? (or some combination).