September 05, 2010

Super Savvy Saturday

We spent most of Saturday organize our little empire located in Wymount Terrence. We found a nice desk and sweet rolling chair at a garage sell, and then thanks to the help of Andrew and Mariana we were able to transport it back to our apartment.

So one of my old roommates gave Paul a free bike, with the warning that the bike tire was flat. So we finally decided to put a new tire on Saturday. From what little I remembered about the procedure, I didn’t recall it being so difficult as we made it. We got the tube out, and then proceeded to push the new tube under the ‘in place’ outer tire. We used a screw driver to help push the tube in. After about an hour, Paul was diligent enough to get it in. We pumped it up, and it was flat. Then we realized then that it probably wasn’t smart to poke a soft plastic air-tight tube with a sharp object.

When Andrew & Mariana came over, we asked them if they knew how to put a new tube in(luckily we bought two). After three minutes, we were ready for our bike ride.

It was dark at this point, and we were pumped about our bike ride. We started for a store to buy a can-opener, although we were enjoying visiting with the neighbors. Being the avid BYU fans we are, we had no CLUE that there was a home BYU football game that got done right when we were ready to leave. Lucky for us, we live very close to the stadium, so our short trip to the store, ended up being over an hour. But the happy note is, we HAVE a can-opener.


  1. I love the BYU game comment! Surprised but it...but now I think we could really see eye to eye. I have no clue about BYU football and was so happy to marry a guy that agrees!

    You two are so cute. Love the blog...good laughs!

  2. Didn't you ride bikes on your mission? Ahh, there's nothing like a half an hour project that takes half a day. Most of my projects seem to be that way.