October 29, 2010

Harry Potter & Star Wars

Paul and I have been sharing our favorite series with each other lately.

I made him read/listen to Harry Potter with me in preparation for the Deathly Hallows, and he forced me(not true, she was asking to watch them, even begging)(after he had already checked them out from the library) to watch the Star Wars series again.

We are now in the 10th chapter of the seventh book of Harry Potter. We also have our tickets to see the 11:59 showing of Harry Potter on opening day. Paul is going to dye his hair red and be Ron, and I am doing my hair slightly more poofy to be Hermione. Paul wouldn't consent to be Malfoy even though he is blond and it would work quite nicely :D (cause he's a loser, and Ron is hilarious)

We finished watching Star Wars last night and I was reminded how differently Paul and I react to some movies. Paul was ecstatic about the awesome action and the fight seen that there is a two hour documentary about how they made it that he made me watch. I, on the other hand, was so depressed after watching the third movie that Paul had to keep reminding me that the 'younglings' and Padmea were taking a doughnut break and not really dead. While Paul hates the second movie because it is boring, I liked it because of the supremely awkward love story. All in all I do like the series, I think I just don't get most of the story line still (maybe next year I can glean more from it).

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  1. You guys are so funny...I want to see pictures of your Harry Potter night.

    Are you into the awesome BBC dramas that are out there? Maybe you need to check out some of these...

    Also, Masterpiece Theater (pbs) is currently releasing a new Sherlock Holmes. We're loving it.