October 30, 2010


Paul and I have been getting into racquetball lately. He still creams me every time, but only by about 7 pts. now instead of 14 (in case you don't know... you play to 15).
To master our new skills, we decided to enter into the intramural Men's/Women's racquetball doubles tournament. Paul signed up with his physics buddy Aaron and I signed up with Jenni, my friend/bridesmaid.
Well, it turns out that not enough girls signed up for the Women's division, so Jenni and I are now playing in Division III of the MEN'S bracket. Paul is in Division II of men's. So we will never play each other, thank goodness, because Jenni and I want a shirt so bad and think it would be AWESOME to get a shirt from MEN'S racquetball doubles.

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  1. Go Melissa! I had no idea that Paul was that accomplished in racquetball. Have fun!